Verbier Luxury Apartments

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Check out our further filters and luxury Verbier chalet holiday rentals on the map here

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Verbier Luxury Apartments

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The resort is considered by many (including Town & Country Magazine) as the most exclusive ski resort in the world. Royal families, famous Hollywood celebrities and the international elite have stayed in many of the luxury ski apartments in Verbier. It is not as gauche as Méribel, nor is its history as long and storied as Gstaad’s, St. Moritz’s or Zermatt’s.

Nevertheless, many famous people and upper-class clientele prefer its traditional, Alpine-village feel and the understated opulence that permeates the place. With its collection of fine-dining restaurants, chic bars, and high-class hotels, it’s easy to see why Verbier is a top choice for the rich and famous.

The resort also attracts another type of crowd: leisurely skiers and snowboarders and pro-level enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of zooming down Verbier’s famous off-piste slopes.

Several high-profile events and pro skiing competitions are held here, like the Swatch Xtreme Verbier by The North Face (the last stop in the Freeride World Tour championship series) and the Patrouille des Glaciers (also known as PDG, a ski mountaineering race for civilian and Swiss Armed Forces military teams).

Whether you’re looking forward to a relaxing vacation or witnessing an exciting competition, Verbier can provide for those needs—including a luxurious rental apartment.

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Property Types

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The Tempston Luxury Verbier apartment collection is unmatched. Our Verbier apartment rentals vary in size with accommodation capacities ranging from two to 20 guests. All are tastefully decorated, and many are perfect for a romantic getaway. We also offer penthouses in ultra-luxurious mountain lodges; charming and spacious chalets that ensure your privacy; and grand villas with rooms for your entire family or possé.

Each rental property on our website has been carefully vetted. Tempston Luxury caters to refined tastes, and we want to meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

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Features and Amenities

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You will find listings that boast of first-class features like a private gym, bar, massage room, and wine cellar. Many units also have a fully-equipped spa and sauna, parking and driver service and cinema room complete with Apple TV, Netflix, and Wii console. We check on these VIP amenities because we want to make sure that you’re equally entertained and satisfied indoors as you would be at the village or on the slopes.

Our apartments are all set against the breathtaking glaciers of the Grand Combin massif and Bagnes Valley. After an exhilarating day of skiing, get on one of the sunbeds and relax in your private balcony while enjoying a cocktail (or three) with your special companion, family, or friends.

We’d continue singing praises about our magnificent apartments, but it’s better if you see them yourself. Browse through our apartments below.

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Après-ski Bars

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Verbier’s bars, clubs, lounges and British pubs are the highlights of après-ski in Verbier. The resort boasts of a party atmosphere and a lively nightlife that perfectly rounds out a full day of skiing. There’s a place for every preference, from groovy cocktail bars to full-on, head-banging party clubs.

The Farm Club

An institution in Verbier’s party scene, this nightclub is famous in all the Alps for its incredible upscale offerings and clientele. The Farm Club holds the title for being the most expensive nightclub in Verbier.

L’Etoile Verbier (Etoile Rouge)

Dine before you dance in this supper-club. It offers Scandinavian and Eastern food, and the disco-bar invites international guest artists to make dance-party music with the resident DJs.

Pub Mont Fort

Enjoy the casual vibe of one of Verbier’s original bars. Pub Mont Fort serves hearty fare like burgers, wings, nachos and fries, and its drinks selection includes beer, wine, cocktails and other artisanal creations.

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Town Activities

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When you need a break from the mountains and the snow, you may explore the rest of the town and indulge in other activities.


Look your best on and off the slopes by visiting the high-end fashion boutiques that sell top-end retail brands and stylish mountain wear. You’ll also find shops that sell winter equipment and original local handicrafts.

Wine Tastings

Some of the most excellent vintages in the world make their way to Machbird, the resort town’s oldest wine cellar. Take part in its regular wine tasting sessions for a chance to sample some of its 700+ wines.

Culture and History

Discover more of the Alpine culture by visiting Verbier’s museums (Historical House, Musée de Bagnes, Hospice du Grand-Saint-Bernard) and historical attractions (Oreiller Forge, Saw-Mill of Sarreyer, Glacier Museum).


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Summer Recreation

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Verbier in summer is just as picturesque as it is in winter. The 4 Vallées (4 Valleys) transforms from an off-piste mecca into an idyllic, Alpine summer destination of rolling emerald glades with pine trees and flowering meadows. The views are magnificent from Verbier, whether you’re looking up from the valley or gazing out from a balcony of a deluxe mountainside apartment. Even better, summer activities around the valley are varied and numerous.

Outdoor Adventure

Explore the would-be off-piste courses by hiking, trail running, mountaineering, mountain biking, zip-lining, paragliding and skydiving.

Sports and Recreation

Score an eagle on a different type of slope, learn how to set a hook and start with love, but end triumphantly with a game point. Visit Verbier’s golf courses, altitude fishing sites and tennis courts when you’re in the resort-town in summer.

Spa Days

Indulge in an hour or a full day’s relaxation and pampering at the spas at Verbier. Like the resort town itself, the spas are small and intimate places that offer luxurious and bespoke massage services. You might not even have to leave your rental apartment. Many of Tempston Luxury’s featured properties have a private spa, complete with a personal massage specialist.

Experience an Alpine vacation that’s one for the books. Start by booking a luxury ski apartment in Verbier.

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