Zermatt Luxury Apartments

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Zermatt, being the highest-lying ski region in Europe, is a skier’s paradise. It is one of the few places in the world where you can ski all year. Besides having enough snow for 12 months, its natural terrain offers slopes suitable for all skill levels.

The gorgeous mountain village is located in the Southern region of the Swiss Valais. It lies at the foot of the majestic Matterhorn, a place that gives luxury ski apartments in Zermatt breathtaking views.

As a destination resort, Zermatt is accessible via a handful of routes and transport methods. You can reach the village via train, a time-honoured mode of transportation that also sets the tone for your vacation. While on your train ride, you’ll get glimpses of the well-preserved Swiss Alps villages, expansive lush meadows and breathtaking views of the Alpine peaks.

Despite being a well-developed and world-class ski resort, Zermatt hasn’t lost its authentic Swiss village feel. It invites visitors to take part in the calm and idyllic life the residents enjoy. To this day, the town strictly enforces its no-car policy, which has been in effect since 1961. Locals and tourists go about on foot or via horse-drawn carriages.

For the convenience of visitors and guests, electric cars are allowed to drive up to the city, but only up to five kilometres away in Täsch. As such, Zermatt has the cleanest, freshest air most people could ever breathe. The absence of cars also makes the surroundings quiet, calm and peaceful — perfect for people who want to get away from it all.

You may feel isolated from the rest of the world, but you’ll be doing it in style and luxury when you stay in Zermatt. It is a guarantee when you rent a Tempston Luxury apartment.

We give you access to some of the best and most sumptuous rental apartments in Zermatt. You may have your spa, sauna, gym, wine cellar or cinema room. Tempston Luxury understands the true meaning of VIP living, and it is an experience we provide to each of our guests.

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Zermatt Luxury Apartment Rental

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Our luxury apartment rentals are also not to be missed, as most of them claim their rightful ‘Penthouse’ status. A lot of care and thought went into the design and furnishings of each property in our listings. We want to make sure that your stay is not just comfortable but also memorable.

Our Zermatt Luxury apartment collection ranges in size and capacities. We have accommodation for guests seeking a private vacation for two, as well as properties that can accommodate 14+ persons. You can find all types of luxury apartment rentals, from 4th storey central penthouses with unmatched views of the Alps to 2nd story apartments with access to state of the art gyms and swimming pools. Some of our penthouse apartments also include hot-tubs on their private balcony. It is a perfect setup for watching the sun descend and stars rise over the Matterhorn whilst enjoying a glass of champagne.

Browse our listings below. Find one that has all the amenities you want to enjoy, and send a booking request right away.

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A serene ski resort with more to offer than snowy slopes.

Zermatt is a world-famous skiing paradise with plenty in store for non-skiers.

A Walk About Town

The village is quaint with only a few main streets. With its nicely paved and cobbled streets, you can walk to almost anywhere in the town. When you’ve had enough of walking, electric taxis and buses can take you up to your hotel or rental apartment.


Zermatt is one of the greenest and cleanest towns in the world. It becomes apparent when you explore the hiking trails, such as the Botanical Nature Trail, Five Lakes Walk, Matterhorn Glacier trail and Hõrnli Hut. These trails showcase the beauty of pure and unpolluted nature. They also bring you close to the Matterhorn peak, which is as breathtaking to witness up close in summer as it is in winter.

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Summer Sports

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When the temperature rises and the summer sun peeks over the glaciers, you can experience other kinds of outdoor thrills in Zermatt.


Hiking is one of the top summer activities for locals and visitors alike. With nearly 400 kilometres of marked hiking trails that go all the way to Täsch and Randa, you won’t run out of scenic views to marvel over.


Biking offers a bit more thrill and speed. Explore Zermatt’s forests, lakes, and mountains via trails that suit your skill level (there’s one for everybody). You can ride with a local guide or join the railway tours that will take you beyond Zermatt and into Sunegga, Blauherd, Gornergrat, Furi, Scharzsee and Riffelberg.

Mountain and Rock Climbing

Mountain and rock climbing in Zermatt will test your strength and endurance. The mountains surrounding the resort have gneiss rock faces for beginners, as well. You may even take your children so they can have their first rock climbing experience in the Alps.


Swimming is available all year, thanks to the hotels in Zermatt that open their pools to the public. A better option is to rent a Tempston Luxury ski chalet with a private indoor or outdoor pool. You can take laps anytime you fancy a dip and go straight to the private bar or sauna right after.

Find a luxury apartment that lives up to your lifestyle. You may also use our advanced search tool and map to find rental chalets, penthouses, lodges and estates in Zermatt.

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Winter Sports

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Besides skiing and snowboarding, Zermatt has the terrain for other exciting outdoor winter sports.


Paragliding (solo or in tandem with a professional) is a surreal and magical experience! Jump off from Gornergrat, Rothorn, Rotenboden, Klein Matterhorn or any of the surrounding peaks and glaciers, then land softly on a grassy plain in Zermatt. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can give you a taste of free flight.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing will test your limits; but if you’re up for the challenge, you can find an IFMGA certified mountain guide to show you the ropes.


Snowmobiling is another action-packed winter sport locals and visitors enjoy. Depending on the trail and your skill level, you can be a daredevil on the slopes or take a more leisurely ride across the snowy plains.

Sleigh Riding and Tobogganing

Sleigh riding and tobogganing are perfect for when you have children or have older members in your group. The Gornergrat sledge run, in particular, is a must-visit. It has just the right depth of snow and a picturesque, panoramic view of the Swiss Alps with the Matterhorn looming close in the background.

There are also establishments in town that offer indoor climbing and ice skating. Non-skiers can get their share of exercise in these controlled environments.

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